Q1. Identify the correct order of splicing process:
A    Cleaving, Striping, Cleaning, Splicing, Protection
B    Striping, Cleaving, Cleaning, Splicing, Protection
C    Cleaning, Striping, Cleaving, Splicing, Protection
D    Striping, Cleaning, Cleaving, Splicing, Protection

Q2. The splice loss should be less than:
A    1.0 dB
B    0.1 dB
C    0.01 dB
D    0.001 dB

Q3. Fiber Cleaver is used to:
A    Cut the fiber perpendicularly
B    Sharpen the fiber
C    Strip the fiber
D    Cut the fiber cable

Q4. Which liquid is used to clean the optical fiber?
A    Soapy Water
B    Kerosene
C    Iso-Propyl Alcohol (IPA)
D    Distilled Water

Q5. Which of the following is not a component of Multi play Service Optical Network?
A    Amplifier
B    Splitter
C    Optical Network Unit (ONU)
D    Set Top Box
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