About Experiment
About Experiment:

This experiment includes three tasks:
  1. Placement of the FTTH network components and cables at appropriate places.
  2. Arranging the fiber colour codes for fiber number 1 to 12 as per optical fiber colour code standards.
  3. Splice (join) the two ends of the optical fiber using Fusion Splice Machine and placing the splice in splice tray.
After completion of this experiment candidate will be able to:
  1. Comprehend the FTTH network architecture and location of components and cables as per FTTH Passive Optical Network (PON) design.
  2. Identify the optical fiber as per standard colour code scheme.
  3. Perform optical fiber splicing (singe fiber) using Fusion Splice Machine.
  4. Place the splice in splice tray of joint closure.
This Lab is Developed by @ Virtuality